Monday, September 5, 2011

Isang Litrong Liwanag (1 Liter of Light)

              Imagine yourself doing your daily activities without light. . Cooking, reading, cleaning, and doing other things in the dark. . Its hard isn't it? Its already hard sometimes even if you have a light source,so what more if you dont. . So i want to share this to all of you. . 

                            'video of promoting the "Isang Litrong Liwanag Project" in the Philippines'  

               This is really an amazing thing invented for those 3rd world countries that doesn't have the financial means to provide light energy to their homes. . Many places here in the Philipines still doesn't have energy sources because they don't have money to pay for it so they choose to live in a dark home. 
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                                  'woman cooking outside her house because the inside is dark'

                They do their daily activities mostly outside because that's the only way they can see what they're doing. They do everything early so they'll have the light of the sun. . What if its a rainy day and the sky is cloudy and the sun is hidden?how can they see in the dark? That's how hard it is to have absence of light source.

                                   'kids studying in rural area..they don't have close room to study

         How will this kids review their studies at home after school time if they don't have light to see their lessons? it's hard enough to study without complete educational materials, yet they still need to worry about how they'll read their notes in the dark. .  

     I really thank those persons who invented this kind of things. . I hope many people will invent things like this. . Invent useful things from scrap and recyclable things. . Its a big help for those poor people in the world. . It even helps in going green because this is a form of recycling. . 

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